Custom Stamp Designer Tutorial

Designing your custom stamp is as simple as ABC!

Here at Stamp Designer we have made the process of designing your rubber stamp even easier than before, with our new custom design module. However, if you still need a little help, this tutorial will guide you through the process of designing the perfect stamp for your needs.

Adding Text

To start adding text to your design, select Text Image

First enter your required text in the field marked “Your text here”. Select the Font - the text you have entered in the box is unformatted at this stage. If you mouseover the font selector an arrow will appear (tablets and phones may not display this). Click the selector to display a dropdown menu of the fonts available, select the font required and then click add

Aligning Text

Aligning text is easy using the grid on the design canvas and the handles of any text elements. This allows you to align a single line or multiple lines of text.

Resizing Text

Once you have added text to your design, it is simple to resize the text by using the handles on the corners of the text element.

 Do not use the up, down, left or right handles as this will distort the text and will not maintain the correct aspect ratio.

Rotating Text

You can rotate text to change a stamp from landscape to portrait by simply clicking   or 

Adding Multiple Lines

You can add several lines of text at once See note below - when you have entered your first line in the text field, press enter on your keyboard to create second and subsequent lines of text on the canvas.

To edit existing text fields, make the according changes in the same fashion as adding text, but select 

Inserting External Images

To place images on your design, select 

If you wish to add your own image to the design (for example, a company logo), select , and then upload the image from your computer. Please note that uploaded images should be of a high resolution for the best image quality and to make the creation of your stamp quicker and easier.

If the image you require is stored online, select , insert the image link that begins with “http://”, and then select 

Inserting Stock Images

We have an ever-expanding selection of stock pictures, from emoticons and clip art to a selection of different shaped borders to use on your design. Simply select the image category (e.g. images, borders, tick boxes), find a suitable image and then select it to place it on your design.

Aligning Images

Aligning images is easy using the grid on the design canvas and the handles of any text elements. This allows you to align any image up to centre of markings of the stamp, either in landscape or portrait

Resizing Images

After uploading an image or using one of our stock images, you can change the size and ratio of any image you use.

To change the size of your image but keep the aspect ratio the same, drag the image by any of the four corners to change the size accordingly.

Rotating Images

If you wish to rotate the selected image, you can select and hold the curved arrow, and drag in the direction you wish to rotate.

You can also rotate images to change a stamp from landscape to portrait by simply clicking   or 

Add to Cart

Once you are happy with your design, select  and then continue shopping (make another design or purchase accessories) or proceed to the checkout.

Ordering Design Elements

To change the order of any element in your design (text or image), select the element, and then use the up and down arrows to send the element to the front or back of the design.

Saving a Design

To save a design for use at a later date, select  - when returning to the product you designed, a list of previous designs that you have saved will become available to you for quick access. This tool is also useful if you wish to create several designs before choosing your final idea.

Download Your Design

You can save the design you have made to the your device, simply by selecting . Mobile users please note; you may have difficulty viewing your design as a saved picture, as it exports as a png layered image file, but may be viewable on certain photo apps/software.

Multiple Lines of Text

Note: on stamps that are locked to a single field of text, multiple lines of text must be entered by pressing enter on your keyboard when using the input text field. To centre this text, select , check the "centered" box and press .

Whilst you can select mirrored text, do not select it unless you wish your stamp to print out back-to-front.